Tanenbaum Keale LLP associate Arshia Hourizadeh attended the TIPS/ABOTA National Trial Academy at the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada, this past April and provided a first-hand look for the American Bar Association’s TortSource at how the five-day academy prepared him for greater success in the courtroom.

Going into the academy, Hourizadeh hoped to gain valuable trial experience, fine-tune his litigation skills, learn new techniques and recognize and minimize bad habits. He received individual and daily mentoring from experienced and veteran trial counsel.

The students were divided among plaintiff and defense sides for the duration of the program. Proceedings were recorded with personalized feedback throughout each step of the five-day academy.

He wrote, “One of the more distinctive aspects of the Trial Academy was the ability to watch and listen to the jury deliberations at the end of the trial. This eye-opening experience offered valuable guidance and insight into the jury’s perception and understanding of the issues presented at trial.”

Following the trial, the presiding judge gave personalized feedback regarding his trial performance.

“The judge appreciated the methodical approach to my cross of plaintiff’s medical expert and my attempts with interposing questions to stop my defense witness from offering a narrative. The judge also reminded me of the importance of having a good presence and projection for all in the courtroom to hear and follow along,” Hourizadeh wrote.

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