Tanenbaum Keale LLP Chief Technologist Kenneth E. Jones was recently published by Above the Law on the unique combinations of entities working to deliver process improvements to the legal industry.

Jones writes that the past several years have seen a “significant increase in technology-based partnerships between legal service organizations like law firms/corporate law departments and technology/software companies.”

He points to partnerships law firms have struck with preferred vendors such as Casepoint and Ringtail. However, as eDiscovery costs continue to rise, some firms have launched their own products, such as CaseEnsemble, which is a product of TK subsidiary Xerdict Group LLC.

In addition, Jones adds that technology incubators have gained traction as they “can be launched by a wide variety of entities — law schools, companies and bar associations — over and above law firms.”

Lastly, he dives into full-service partnerships with entities such as UnitedLex, which offer discovery forensics and collection, early case assessments, deposition and trial support, among other areas.