Tanenbaum Keale LLP Chief Technologist Kenneth E. Jones was recently published by Legal Evolution on the key areas to consider when building out or refining the technology function of a professional services organization.

Jones writes that optimized work teams in today’s world ought to be a versatile bunch. While he’s an “always-online” person, he has come to  appreciate  that  all types of human resources (e.g. solid citizen type with the responsiveness resolve user-facing support tickets, creative innovators and deeply skilled engineers) are  exceptionally valuable in their individual functional areas.

He goes on to add that he considers TK’s “core team of internal employees to be absolutely vital to TK’s success,” but that providers such as the 24×7 Help Desk, managed service provider, cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft, database partners like Oracle and several legal industry specific software providers in the document management and E-Discovery space, make the team whole.

Above all else, Jones writes there is no blueprint for success and what is “most important is proper consideration of these various factors” whether it’s the diversity of skills, mixture of professionals, the quest for talent or the recognition of the value of experience.