Tanenbaum Keale LLP associates Timothy R. Freeman and Pamela R. Kaplan will present at the upcoming DRI Product Liability Conference held February 5-7 in New Orleans.

Freeman will present, “Beware the Middleman: How to Avoid Liability When a Distributor or Dealer Fails to Instruct the Consumer Properly,” on February 5, which will address problems that can arise in the manufacturer/dealer relationship and discuss related case law regarding agency and apparent authority. In addition, he will discuss examples of problems that he’s observed and present possible solutions/recommendations to avoid such problems and create a more mutually beneficial relationship between the manufacturer, dealer, and consumer.

Kaplan’s session on February 7 titled, “Practice Point Quick Hits #1: Use of Social Media,” is an exploration of recent decisions expanding the scope of discoverable information from social media accounts, and best practices for the use of social media in discovery, at depositions, and at trial, including the importance of counseling clients about privacy and ethical considerations in connection with their own social media presence.

In addition to Freeman and Kaplan, partner Heather Russell Fine, who is DRI’s Co-Vice Chair of the Automotive Specialized Litigation Group, will introduce the panel for the February 5 session, “Using Innovation to Defend Your Case: Using New Automotive Technology to Build Your Defense.”