Tanenbaum Keale LLP Chief Technologist Kenneth E. Jones was published by Legal Executive Institute where he explores a few use cases of an emerging approach to managing legal matters with advanced technological methodologies.

Jones writes that app development platforms can be used for the management of mass tort litigation, calendaring and deadline management, and cost containment. He speaks with TK partner Dennis E. Vega on how this benefits the legal function in real-life practice.

“Staying abreast of deadlines is a must for any successful litigator, and meticulous organization,” Vega said of calendaring and deadline management. “Organizational skills are challenged when managing large volumes of cases across multiple jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has a different team (consisting of in-house counsel, local counsel, regional counsel, national counsel, and legal support staff). Each team oversees a different group of cases, each at different stages of litigation. Having an automated system that sends timely notifications to the necessary team members, without overburdening those who aren’t responsible for a particular jurisdiction, is critical.  Flexibility is also important since certain events or trends must be communicated to all teams to ensure that the entire team is aware of the latest trends and court decisions to remain cutting-edge.”

In the first installment of his series, Jones discussed some of the potential value propositions of enterprise software vendor app development platforms within legal operations.