Tanenbaum Keale LLP Chief Technologist Kenneth Jones was recently published by Legal Executive Institute on the “case” for digital operations platforms in legal operations.

Jones and co-author Jason Moyse of Autologyx explore the concept, use-cases and benefits of technologies like Human in the Loop (HITL) and no/low code application builds within the legal function.

They write, “More and more, in today’s world, certain tasks are increasingly viewed as those potentially transferred from humans to machines. Putting aside the opinions of the humans potentially supplanted by machines (a significant consideration, of course), it’s very important to appropriately move forward on this path within the realm of legal operations. “

A few examples of HITL and no/low code application use cases include document preparation and automation. They recognize that the human component isn’t going to be lost, but that the machine creates efficiencies.

In Part II of their two-part series, they’ll define some of the emerging technologies and approaches available to legal technologists to maximize the benefit of digital operations platforms in the legal function.