Tanenbaum Keale LLP Chief Technologist Kenneth Jones recently published an article with Legaltech News on how law firms can develop a comprehensive game plan to defend against the myriad of cyber threats ever-present in today’s world.

Jones tapped TK partner Christopher Keale on how all this relates to the legal practice.

“As attorneys we are obligated to undertake reasonable efforts to protect information related to the representation of our clients,” Keale said. “This obligation extends to the protection of information in electronic form whether on a computer in the office, mobile device or servers maintained by a law firm or third-party. To meet this obligation, it is critical that we partner with technology experts to develop strong defensible cyber-security plans.”

Among the critical touchpoints Jones writes about include user education, infrastructure, equipment and provides advice for remote work.

“A well-constructed security preparatory plan developed and executed by legal ops leaders is a huge step forward toward thwarting the many dangerous cyberthreats lurking around you and your client’s valuable data,” Jones writes.