Tanenbaum Keale LLP Chief Technologist Kenneth Jones was recently published by Legal Executive Institute on application build and deployment options common within legal technology.

In Part II of their two-part series, Jones and co-author Jason Moyse of Autologyx explore the emerging technologies and approaches available  in the legal vertical that would allow teams to maximize the benefit of digital operations platforms within the legal practice. (Part I can be found here).

They look at four different options, including the option of law firms building out targeted, customized solutions based on their unique, keen understanding of client imperatives, what the key opportunities of each are and why they might be more or less beneficial for different members of the legal field.

Jones and Moyse conclude that there’s no “single right answer to improving legal operations in the digital operations platforms.” However, what’s important is that “inroads are being made in a host of ways to allow legal operations to develop better mousetraps.”