Tanenbaum Keale LLP partner Christopher J. Keale recently wrote an article about product liability litigation published by Engineered Systems. The article, titled “Supreme Court Ruling Makes Duty to Warn Considerations More Complicated for Manufacturers,” looks at a recent ruling in the case of Air & Liquid Systems Corp. v. DeVries and how it addressed whether an equipment manufacturer has a legal duty to warn about a product manufactured by someone else that is added to its equipment years after manufacturing and selling that equipment. Keale represented one of the defendants in the appeal to the Supreme Court in this case in 2019.

“Determining where duty to warn begins and ends raises complicated questions,” Keale wrote. “But ultimately, manufacturers should be cognizant of potential inherent dangers posed by their products — including later added third-party products — and proactively assess those risks at the introduction and through the life cycle of the product.”

The full article can be read here.