Tanenbaum Keale LLP partner Tiffany M. Alexander contributed a chapter to the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel’s recently published book, “Living in a Pandemic: A Collection of Stories on Coping, Resilience & Hope.” Alexander’s narrative, titled “Family Matters,” focused on the unique opportunity to have both of her daughters home for an extended but unexpected period of time due to the pandemic. Despite the confusion and disappointment the quarantine brought with it, valuable lessons were learned by all.

“Our girls have both told us that they look back on quarantine fondly, and we do too,” Alexander wrote. “We went into quarantine running on all cylinders. Steve and I traveled most weeks and the girls were consumed with school commitments, sports, work and a busy social life. While I miss some of the travel and the in-person aspects of my practice, it felt good being together at home while it lasted. I was content knowing my family was together and we were safe and sound.”

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