New Jersey Law Journal recently published a co-authored article from Tanenbaum Keale LLP partners Christopher J. Keale and Marina G. McGuire on the importance of utilizing resolution counsel as part of an integrated mass tort defense.

Titled “Retain Resolution Counsel in Mass Torts as Part of an Effective Defense,” Keale and McGuire’s article analyzes trends in large multidistrict litigation, including an increase in filings and how the large majority of matters end without a trial. The takeaway is that looking at resolution options early in the process can end up being more efficient and save clients money.

“For those defendants involved in mass tort litigation, the benefits of retaining resolution counsel early as part of an integrated defense strategy cannot be overstated,” Keale and McGuire wrote. “Even though experienced mass tort litigators understand the importance of assessing verdict risks, settlement values and attendant costs associated with differing legal strategies, mass tort litigation is entirely different from traditional civil litigation as it relates to resolution.”

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