Tanenbaum Keale LLP partner Heather Russell Fine is serving as chair of DRI’s Strictly Automotive Seminar, an in-person event scheduled for September 9-11 in Washington, D.C. The event features high-level discussion of cutting-edge technology and topics of interest to legal professionals working in the automotive space.

Presentations on this year’s agenda include:

  • In-house counsel representatives from VW and Tesla discuss the future of alternative fuel vehicles and how best to defend an all-electric vehicle case at trial.
  • In-house counsel representatives from Arrival and Meritor discuss how the Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Plan and other developments in the legal landscape are poised to drive widespread acceptance of EV technology from the perspective of newer manufacturers and suppliers.
  • A discussion on how the new personal jurisdiction opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court can affect a national product liability practice.
  • In-house counsel representatives from PACCAR analyze how advanced radar and camera technology will not only aid drivers but also impact strategies for litigation of cases involving vehicles on the road today.

In addition, attendees can register for the Live Burn at Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, which will include a burn of a motor vehicle, allowing attendees to hear directly and in real time from experts who will describe aspects of evidence collection specific to motor vehicles, burn patterns and the stories they tell, and myriad related issues.

A full agenda can be found here.

At TK, Fine is an experienced litigator in complex product liability and mass tort defense with a particular focus in representing automotive manufacturers. She handles all aspects of complex product liability cases from inception through to verdict and appeal and has successfully defended clients across the country.

Fine is an active member of DRI, having served as Vice Chair and Marketing Chair and Chair of the Strictly Automotive Specialized Litigation Group during the past five years.