Tanenbaum Keale LLP Chief Technologist Kenneth E. Jones was recently published by Legal Evolution on the lessons he’s learned when it comes to legal matter management via the various deployments he’s seen in the industry today and then discusses where the industry might go in the coming years.

Jones analyzes the mountains of data being collected today, collaboration, development platforms and sophisticated reporting engines in use before turning his attention to the future, which might include increased regulation and/or standards and more integrated uses of artificial intelligence.

Jones leans on industry experts Frank Cabreja, Jason Moyse and Benjamin Pearl to drive home his points, but also discusses with TK partner Robert M. Gilmartin, Jr. how this all works, specifically data collection.

“Many of the clients we serve, both as national coordinating counsel and regional counsel, are focused on not just identifying high risk cases, but on a broader scale and an ongoing basis, ranking all matters by degree of risk,” Gilmartin said. “This helps clients develop a defensible methodology for supporting and predicting costs for the purposes of insurance filing, financial reporting and strategic analysis.”