Our Specialties

The experience and expertise of our lawyers has enabled us to develop an appreciation and understanding for the nuances of certain industries and the business needs of the companies within those industries. Tanenbaum Keale’s lawyers serve as national, regional and local counsel for many national and international corporations in matters ranging from product liability and catastrophic injury to environmental and toxic tort litigation.

Mass Tort

Mass tort litigation threatens companies with massive liabilities requiring integrated and complimentary litigation and resolution strategies implemented by respected and experienced litigation counsel who are backed by experienced trial lawyers. Our experience managing complex mass tort litigation from inception to trial and through appeal gives us unique insight into the likely trajectory of litigation that may turn into mass tort litigation and allows us to provide our clients with decision pathways that permit them to evaluate and choose from different litigation and resolutions strategies. We utilize proprietary data management software to track individual claims, determine trends, evaluate risk and provide the tools for clients to meet internal and external reporting obligations.

Resolution Counsel

Trying cases, developing experts, exposing junk science and preparing the company story are all areas where we excel. The majority of cases, however, end in settlement, not jury verdicts. We embrace case resolution as a dedicated practice area. Whether it be a drug or medical device litigation, an environmental disaster or a toxic tort, clients need an experienced set of hands to help assess liabilities, develop strategies for case resolution and implement integrated strategies that use litigation leverage to drive resolution needs. Utilizing technology, decades of litigation settlement, trial experience and a team approach to the analysis of legal and factual issues, we develop and implement integrated resolution strategies that utilize a changing mix of litigation, trial and resolution resources that adjust as the balance between litigation, trial and resolution needs change and resolution success is achieved.

Environmental and Toxic Tort

Our attorneys have decades of experience defending our clients in asbestos, benzene, chemical exposure, environmental spills, lead, talc and silica cases, and we provide them with a sophisticated, efficient and effective defense aligned with the risk and exposure each case poses. We regularly identify, retain and prepare cancer researchers, chemists, engineers and risk assessment experts from around the world and utilize cutting edge science in formulating defense strategies that evolve throughout the litigation. The greatest risk in defending environmental tort litigation is to rest upon defense strategies developed in the past. Being current, creative and diligent are among our strongest qualities.

Product Liability

Serving as national, regional or local counsel, handling hundreds of thousands of cases, we defend our clients in a variety of complex litigation matters that may have devastating impacts on their reputation and viability. We have defended both mass tort and single product cases, served as lead MDL counsel and are experienced in coordinating multiple and interrelated cases filed in a variety of jurisdictions. All matters on a path to trial require a direct and uncomplicated analysis that can be reduced to a presentation that is understandable to any jury in any jurisdiction. We have handled, overseen and managed cases in all fifty states, Canada and Australia and tried cases to conclusion across the country.


We have a demonstrated history of utilizing the most current and advanced technology for the benefit of our clients. Our use of new technologies allows us to share real time file information with our clients more freely as we enhance the collaborative nature of our relationships. Mass tort litigation requires companies to keep track of a massive amount of information for hundreds or thousands of claimants. Through our IT subsidiary, Xerdict Group LLC, and its proprietary web-based extranet tool, CaseEnsemble, we provide a platform where our clients can collect, analyze and act on information obtained by their legal teams. This includes information about liability, damages, liens, procedural status and settlements. It also allows our clients to track information about a host of other parameters relevant to their businesses, such as product usage, alleged failure modes, claimant demographics, and other data. CaseEnsemble facilitates communication among legal teams, allowing in-house, national and local counsel to correspond and analyze information in a secure, common space. It gives clients instant access to information needed for purposes of reporting and disclosure and for setting reserves.

Industries Served and Association/Organization Involvement


  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive Manufacturers/Suppliers
  • Construction and Mining Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial/Household Appliance Manufacturers
  • Energy
  • Chemicals and Coatings
  • Transportation


  • American College of Trial Lawyers
  • Lawyers for Civil Justice
  • National Association of Women Lawyers
  • Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel
  • Hispanic Bar Association
  • Trial Attorneys of New Jersey
  • Product Liability Advisory Council
  • National Association of Professional Women
  • Defense Research Institute
  • American Bar Association
  • Metro Black Bar Association of New York
  • Claims and Litigation Management Alliance