New Jersey Defense, the quarterly magazine of the New Jersey Defense Association, recently published an article from Tanenbaum Keale LLP partner Timothy Freeman looking at enhanced scrutiny of expert testimony in a consolidated trial of four plaintiffs who developed mesothelioma allegedly due to their use of Johnson & Johnson’s products. In Barden v. Brenntag North America, Inc., et al., The Appellate Division reversed and remanded the matter for a new trial “due to the trial court’s decision to admit what it deemed to be unsupported and unreliable expert testimony.”

“The Barden decision is significant for New Jersey jurisprudence, as well as the emerging talc litigation, because it casts doubt on the reliability of the proffered testimony of several of the plaintiffs’ most prominent expert witnesses,” Freeman wrote in part. “… [T]he Barden decision is a significant victory for the defense in the talc litigation and it highlights New Jersey’s increased scrutiny of expert testimony.”

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