Mass Tort

Environmental and Toxic Tort

Our attorneys have decades of experience defending clients in asbestos, benzene, chemical exposure, environmental spills, lead, silica cases, and we provide a sophisticated, efficient and effective defense aligned with the risk and exposure each case poses. We regularly identify, retain and prepare cancer researchers, chemists, engineers and risk assessment experts from around the world utilizing cutting-edge science in formulating defense strategies that evolve throughout the litigation.

The greatest risk in defending environmental tort litigation is to rest upon defense strategies developed in the past. Being current, innovative and diligent are among our strongest qualities.

Tanenbaum Keale brings a solid understanding and experience with providing counsel with virtually all major environmental statutes and understanding the environmental risks and potential liability related to properties, land purchases and other transactional matters. We work to avoid litigation for our clients but have the proven ability to work quickly when faced with instances or alleged instances of chemicals, waste or other hazardous materials being discharged, leaked, spilled or mishandled; being inhaled, ingested or absorbed by workers and/or members of the public; or contaminating air, ground or water; as well as any other chemical or environmental factor leading to damage, illness, injury or death.

We have spent time defending manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, distributors, transportation operations and other industrial businesses in legal venues across the country. Our attorneys have the ability to utilize the relevant scientific evidence related to any environmental or toxic tort matter to provide clients with a best path forward to successfully mitigate the claim or claims made in a lawsuit.

Our Approach

Mass tort litigation threatens companies with massive liabilities and requires integrated and complementary litigation and resolution strategies to protect the value of a product, business image and financial stability.

We have the ability to manage the most complex mass tort matters from inception to trial and through appeal, having experience in national, regional and local counsel roles. Our firm provides clients with unique insight into the likely trajectory of mass tort litigation and identifies instances where associated litigation has the potential to develop into mass tort litigation, allowing us to provide clients with decisive pathways to evaluate, allowing them to choose from alternative litigation and resolution strategies.

Our experience includes complex matters related to products, consumer goods, environmental contamination, chemical spills and toxic materials and substances. We have represented clients from a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Power Systems, Construction and Mining, Medical Devices and more.

Our focus remains on providing viable strategic alternatives with the goal of avoiding unnecessary litigation. However, when litigation cannot be avoided, we have the ability to quickly assess potential legal exposure. Our firm utilizes proprietary data management software to track individual claims, determine trends, evaluate risk and provide the tools clients need to meet internal and external reporting obligations.

Tanenbaum Keale attorneys have significant experience in the following types of actions related to multiparty litigation:

  • Medical Devices
  • Toxic Tort
  • Commercial

In view of the fact that mass tort actions, including class actions, rarely end up at trial, Tanenbaum Keale has developed an intentional emphasis on providing resolution counsel. This includes providing clients with the advantages and disadvantages of settlements with a keen understanding of the impacts from costly and time-consuming litigation on the long-term viability and financial well-being of a company.

Our firm is expeditious in coordinating and executing on document discovery, expert testimony development, depositions and motions beneficial to our clients regardless of the eventual course of the litigation. We understand time is of the essence in managing mass tort litigation to make sure the company not only survives the challenge but also maintains a positive image with the consumers and the public during the fallout.

Tanenbaum Keale does not revert to “traditional” litigation strategies for mass torts with multiple defendants. We want to offer aggressive, innovative options that protect our clients’ interests, regardless of the jurisdiction where the threatened litigation is venued.

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